Thursday, September 09, 2010

My `accidental' puppy

This is a twist to an almost `tragic' story of a dog..

Last Saturday afternoon, I went to my usual pet shop to get dog food for the two Js. A cute little miniature schnauzer puppy caught my eyes and he was walking around! The pet shop owner said the pup was for sale but was letting him out for some exercise.. I couldn't help but cuddle him and play with him.

When I put some items on the counter, I didn't think twice but also carry the puppy and put him on the counter and played with him a while. I thought the owner who was behind the cash register saw what I did but didn't object; I turned round to talk to him and proceeded to pay.. and then suddenly there was a loud yelping sound!

As I turned round, imagine my horror to see the little puppy had fallen from the counter onto the floor! He was lying still, yelping and crying loudly and non-stop, clearly in agony! Seeing the way he lie motionless, it looked like he could have broken his leg! I was so shocked and in utter anguish.. What have I done!??

The owner said how could I put the puppy on the counter! (He didn't see me doing that he claimed..) He carried the pup and carefully massage his legs and kept listening to his heartbeat too.. he then put the pup on a cushioned bed.. the little pup still didn't move at all..

Words couldn't describe my feeling - I kept uttering `sorry, sorry, sorry' to the dog and also apologised to the owner.. I felt so distressed and heartbroken seeing the pup. Just minutes ago, he was so active and lively and now... If not for my stupidity.. :*(

I spent another 15 minutes or more with the puppy.. which by then had not made anymore noise. Thank goodness he was conscious and alert but looked so pitiful.. the owner said he would bring him to see a vet soon.

My heart was so heavy when I went home.. The whole night I couldn't stop thinking of the pup and was praying for him.. At night I tried calling the owner but could not get him.

I managed to contact the owner the next day and he said the pup was with the vet, and he still could not walk. They were trying to find out where the injury was. Two days later, I was told by the pet shop owner that they did an x'ray on the pup and found his spinal cord was injured! And he had only 50-50 chance of recovery.. and he still couldn't walk!

I was wretched and miserable! I felt like a murderer.. a dog's life is ruined because of my mistake. When I shared this with my family and one or two friends, some of them said if there's no chance of recovery, it's more humane to put the dog to sleep.. but this option deeply troubled me.

Then thanks to another friend who told me that paralysed dog could also live a `normal' life with the help of wheels.. and even showed me Youtube clip and website on it, I decided unless the vet recommended euthanasia, I would adopt the crippled pup and take good care of him and give him a good life to compensate him...

Yesterday afternoon when I contacted the pet shop owner, I was told the pup was back already. I went to see him, preparing myself to be heartbroken again.. and then to my joy and surprise, the owner said the pup could walk already! Not only could he walk, he could also jump up!

I saw the x'ray and it showed a column of his spinal cord has jut out' due to the impact of the fall. Although he seems pretty normal now, extra care needs to be given especially in keeping his body small.. If he grows heavy that would put strain on his spine and he may not be able to walk.

I must say I was so relief seeing and knowing that the pup could now walk and has no life danger from the fall.. So even though I have to fork out RM1K (a discount of RM200 apparently) to buy the pup - although the owner did not spell it out in the beginning, he finally admitted I HAD to take on the responsibility of buying the dog as he could not sell him anymore! Ya, I know I couldn't argue with the case...

So, this cute pup is my new `accidental' dog and I will be his new `accidental' `mom'. I am actually very excited although its under such circumstance that I have a third dog. But I love min. schnauzer and he is such a beautiful pup!

I somehow felt we had established a bond. And he seemed very happy to see me - totally oblivious to the fact that I was the one who caused him such pain and sorrow..

Because both my parents and I would be travelling in the coming week, the owner agreed to take care of him till we are back.

I spent the evening thinking of a name for my new pup - finally, I decided to call him `Jammy' or `Jam' for short.. According to the Urban dictionary, a meaning of Jammy is `flukey, lucky, defying probability with outrageous good fortune' - quite appropriate indeed!

Guess soon I will have to change my blog's name to `Jess' three Js'! And can't wait to welcome little Jammy home next weekend! :))

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