Friday, October 02, 2009

Maybe it's about time.. for now..

Somehow I just don't have the inspirations to blog anymore..

No, life is not uninteresting.. in fact, many things are happening this month. Singing, travelling, family time, more singing.. and my `social calender' (no not that type of social but..) looks pretty packed till end of the year too..

And then there's the dreaded milestone to come.. trying not to think about it.

Fact is, less and less people are reading this blog.. some read cos i link it to Facebook and I happen to have many friends there.. to think of it, has FB killed my blog? :S

Maybe I should go back to doing a private diary of sort.. only between myself and God so I can be free to write whatever I feel like it and not to worry what people think of me.

It's kinda pathetic. I have started writing at least three posts and feel there's no steam to continue..

Well.. just see how long this `hiatus' will last.. maybe my Shanghai trip will be exciting enough to spur me to do a proper post.. else I'm just ranting and blabbering again.. and I call myself a writer.. sigh.


Gerald said...

Hey, don't be silly. I still read your blog, see... here's a comment. But everytime I log in, I find the same message that you have no inspiration to blog anymore. Just do it... maybe your grandchildren will get to read it one day. Haha. Write it for them too.

PeiLing said...

Blog-hopping and remember ur name off The Star bylines. :)

Remember you writing about IreneKiew some time back.

Keep writing!

Messy Christian said...

I know how you feel ... Irene and I stopped for the same reason - we don't know what to write anymore! Since I use my blog to express my struggle with church, and since I've gotten over my angst with it, there's just nothing much to say any more :P

~Covert_Operations'78~ said...

Take a break if you must, but please don't quit! This blog is your space, where you must feel completely safe and comfortable. It is good to blog, even if infrequently, so your friends and family know how you have been and what you have been up to. Take care and love to Jojo and Jelly!