Monday, February 02, 2009

Woe is this ADDICT!

Woe to me. I think I know a big reason why I am not inspired to blog anymore is due to me being hooked on the games of Facebook!!

These days, I am literally spending hours of games like `Word Twist', `Word Twirl', `Scrabble', `Lexulous' and of course Pet Society, which is taking the bulk of my time!!

I think I really need to break free from them or else....

This is so pathetic. :(

Nothing really exciting happened over CNY except that I ate and just relax doing nothing much.. Watched movies, visited just a few relatives, dinners, meals, makan.. you get the picture.

Now I have to get myself organised and motivated again.. to get into the work mode..

Pardon this lousy post. At least I'm still blogging! wahahhahaahaha (oops, sign of madness from playing too much games online)

This is so pathetic.. sigh :(


Anonymous said...

first of all, so glad you're back!
secondly, don't say you are pathetic because of course you're not! love reading your posts and about your zany, crazy, fun life and loves. ;-)
btw, if you are granting any requests, i would like to suggest that you most more pictures of yourself. that way we can read about you while also looking at you.
and before you go on about your weight, let me just say my dear that not everyone likes a stick-thin praying mantis to look at!
look forward to your next posting.


lainey said...

miss reading your blog - i really do! all thru my own blogging experience, you've been the constant cheerleader so i'm going to reciprocate now and say "jia you tan tan!!!" xoxoxoxox

jesscet said...

essey: pardon this really late reply. I do appreciate your frequent comment and encouragement.. i will not stop blogging though more infrequent. Do you have a blog?

lainey: awww.. i'm touched :) will try to `jia you'!